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Take Back the Night should be recognized for the solidarity and platform it provides to survivors

Colin Davy | Assistant Photo Editor

Take Back the Night is an annual event that takes place at Syracuse University to combat sexual assault and relationship violence.

During a time when protest culture has developed a reputation among some groups for edging on violence, the annual Take Back the Night rally at Syracuse University remains a cornerstone of peaceful protest that should not be challenged for its mission, which is to create an environment of solidarity for survivors of sexual, relationship and domestic violence.

Take Back the Night, an international event and nonprofit that aims to end these types of violence, unites survivors and allies to create an essential network of support for the cause. Although the United States has recently seen a wave of divisive political protests, Take Back the Night should pose as an accessible and uniting reminder that calling for justice in response to cases of sexual assault and relationship violence is a push every single member of the university community should get behind.

SU’s annual Take Back the Night event fosters an environment in which survivors can come forward and share their stories, should they choose. This type of environment is imperative considering survivors deserve a platform to speak out to the university community in a way that isn’t always readily available to them. In creating this network of support, Take Back the Night generates something positive out of something horrific.

While it is impossible for all protesters to replicate the structure of Take Back the Night events as a means to their end, the annual event should be commended for the platform it creates for survivors of sexual assault and relationship violence and the unity it brings to a cause that requires it. Solidarity for and among survivors is essential, and should be recognized as such.


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