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Student Association should replace Public Relations Committee with new diversity committee

Jacob Greenfeld | Asst. Photo Editor

There are four standing committees in Student Association, including the Public Relations Committee, which could be replaced by a Diversity Affairs Committee.

The proposal to replace the Student Association’s Public Relations Committee with a new Diversity Affairs Committee is one that is in the best interest of the Syracuse University student body and its investment in a diverse campus.

SA comprises four standing committees, including the Public Relations Committee, and would have to dissolve that committee if the Diversity Affairs Committee is approved by the assembly and by the student body via the SA elections ballot this month.

The recently formed Bylaw Review Committee within the organization discussed the idea to replace the Public Relations Committee with a diversity committee on the basis that the change would better serve the organization’s priorities. Eddie Devino, the chair of the bylaw committee, drafted the bill with assembly member Marcus Lane Jr.

It makes sense to establish a Diversity Affairs Committee within SA rather than maintain the Public Relations Committee. Public relations is an element of the organization that can be conducted outside a committee by few SA spokespersons, and operate quietly in the background rather than immediately before the student body.

Diversity, on the other hand, is a topic that is much more in line with the interests of SU’s student body and is a committee that can generate tangible change in different facets of campus life. Students value diversity, and it will take the concentrated efforts of SA to help the university community reach, sustain and grow a diverse student population at SU.

Public relations officials are meant to supplement the initiatives created by other SA committees. And when tasks can be delegated to public relations officials who still can collaborate, SA representatives should invest time and work in the Diversity Affairs Committee to better serve the students its assembly represents.


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