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The Daily Orange Editorial Board endorses James Franco and Angie Pati for Student Association president and vice president

Courtesy of James Franco

James Franco, right, and Angie Pati, left, are running for president and vice president of Student Association's 61st Legislative Session, respectively.

Editor’s note: The Daily Orange Editorial Board’s endorsement was partially based on interviews with each Student Association ticket. The transcriptions of those interviews are available here.

The Daily Orange Editorial Board endorses presidential candidate James Franco and vice presidential candidate Angie Pati to be the team that restores SA as an organization that responsibly serves and advocates for SU’s undergraduate student body.

Franco, an SA veteran and a junior political science and history double major, and Pati, a junior neuroscience and psychology double major who has never been in SA, have impressive experiential backgrounds that qualify them to represent SU’s undergraduate student body. The ticket presents a strong, united front with realistic goals that would benefit SU students, and the team has clearly factored the concerns of various student populations into their campaign.

While The D.O. Editorial Board endorses Franco and Pati for SA leadership, it acknowledges the strength of their opposing campaign comprising Tyler Rossi and Roy Tin for their drive, managerial experience and passion for student life at SU. If Franco and Pati are elected, the editorial board encourages Rossi and Tin to join SA and advocate for the issues they built their campaign on.

Rossi and Tin, who are both students in the Martin J. Whitman School of Management, have branded themselves as SA outsiders who would bring a fresh perspective to the organization. While Rossi and Tin could certainly provide insight that may not have been considered by SA insiders, it’s undeniable that an understanding of how to navigate an organization is essential to leading it. Only Franco has the institutional knowledge needed to uplift SA from its current position and push it forward. And Pati would be an asset in providing the SA-outsider perspective Rossi and Tin have campaigned on.

As a longstanding member of SA, Franco has been witness to the organization’s recent successes and failures. He’s also been upfront about the tumult SA faced this year, and while he may be blamed by association for the organization’s problems, Franco has been productive in his role as chair of the Academic Affairs Committee. Most notably, Franco was involved in the writing of the SA bill that named SU a sanctuary campus and SA’s successful push to extend Bird Library’s weekend hours during midterms.

Franco’s SA experience and Pati’s outside perspective make their ticket a balanced and compelling choice for SA president and vice president. Beyond their respective experiences, Franco and Pati seem to be genuinely interested in strengthening SA’s relationship with the SU community and increasing student interest in the organization. They have also set attainable goals that could have tangible benefits for SU students, including the establishment of a peer listening service as a mental health resource and the creation of a shuttle to bus home students living on and around Euclid Avenue.

It’s clear Franco and Pati have a firm grasp on their plans for SA, should they be elected. Although Rossi and Tin have the potential and capability to lead SA, the organization has taken several public relations hits this year and could use experienced leadership to legitimize itself. Following an administration that has lacked engagement and organization, SA needs more than a vision for an improved SU student experience. It requires Franco’s expertise.


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